Pivot pins

Pivot pins are our expertise. As you probably already know, the linkage components on your machine are under tremendous stress and are most likely going to be the first place to fail. At SRND, we are experts in inspecting and repairing the parts that are wearing out. Whether you need greaseable pins or links built or repaired, you have come to the right place.greasable pins picture

We build custom pins out of induction hardened chrome plated shaft that will last for many years. Although mild steel is soft and easy to work with, heavy equipment pins need a hard outer layer that will not wear or crack under heavy tensile or torsional load. That’s why we work with induction hardened chrome plated steel.  This ensures that your heavy equipment can work safely and quickly once again.
While boring your worn out pin holes oversize and replacing pivot pins with oversize pins and bushings may save you some time and cost, you lose the ability to use factory parts in the future.
We always strive to maintain the OEM specifications on all pins and bores so in the future, factory OEM parts will always fit.
Need a greaseable pin? we can add grease ports to your pin to extend it's life.

Pivot Pin repair